GoWMS - Your Trusted Warehouse Automation System In Malaysia

We being a trusted partner in providing warehouse automation and inventory software in Malaysia!

About GoWMS

GoWMS is built to improve the efficiencies and profits of your businesses. GoWMS helps to fill up the market gap and guarantees at least 220% improvement in your picking process with our built-in picking management module in GoWMS. There is no limitation in the number of users up on subscription. We strongly encourage any consultation engagement to be made as early as possible to allow you to have full visibility of your actual inventories today.

The experiences adopted in developing are as follows:

wms tech cap

Technology capabilities

wms ecom fulfill

Running an e-commerce fulfillment center

wms omnichannel

Omni-channel seller

Smart & Integrated Features

Being a trusted partner in providing warehouse automation and inventory software in Malaysia, these are some of the convincing features that may help you in your decision making process:

Our Vision

Everyone deserves a shorter delivery lead time and cheaper delivery cost.

Our Mission

We do not believe in being cheap. We believe in bringing justice to what you need. With a proper solution in managing backend operations, not only are cost efficiencies met but the finance goals too. If an expensive solution with features that are irrelevant to the business is being deployed, it is not a solution to begin with. Business owners ought to have a clear view of what solution they need and how much efficiency is achieved when it is actually being deployed.

Some of our client

autobug club
store and send
my naga global foods
forest fitness
qaabila beauty